“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do”

The cast of Dead Pixels have shared their enthusiasm for making a third season.

The video game comedy series returned to E4 for season two last month, and the cast spoke to NME about the show’s return and potential future.

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do,” star Will Merrick told NME of the potential of a third season of the show.

“I feel chuffed to be on such a brilliantly made show. People seemed to love it the first time round so I’m really hoping that happens again.”

Dead Pixels season 2
Will Merrick as Nicky. Credit: E4

Discussing potential future storylines, Alexa Davies added: “I’m ready for Meg to spend some time focusing on herself, because there’s always been a romantic tie for her in both series…”

“I would really be interested in having a female director, just to see what the change would be, because Meg has this typically masculine energy about her”

Merrick added of his character’s future: “I’d like to see Nicky approaching 30. He’s going to have an absolute meltdown.

“I had a meltdown when I was 25. I’m actually embarrassed by it now. I think Nicky would do a similar thing but on a much larger, more destructive scale.”

Dead Pixels is executive produced by Peep Show creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, the latter of which also created HBO show Succession.

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An NME review of season two of the show read: “With moments of real pathos sprinkled sparingly throughout, Back season 2 works as a rich and engaging satire on the small-town middle-aged dream, and the chasm at the core of Brexit Britain.”